Flexible and efficient

Embrace mobile working and give your team the flexibility to embrace new ways of working.  Research shows remote working can be sometimes more efective than a trip to the office.

Productive - anywhere

Empower your staff to be their best wherever they are.  Adopt and enhance Microsoft cloud-working tools to improve productivity and reduce IT admin miles.

Always connected

The incredible shrinking compute – do as much and more with intelligent Apps and secure devices.  Free your teams to achieve on the move.

Creating the new End User Computing

Mobile Device Management with Intune

Adopt Microsoft Intune to manage devices, leveragin Azure Active Directory.  Extend Intune with SCCM Co-Management to provide hybrid or full MDM capabilities for all devices

Windows 10 Modern Deployment

Move to the Windows 10 Servicing model and deploy devices effortlessly with Microsoft Autopilot, Intune and more.  Desk-side deployment, re-deployment and support becomes a thing of the past

Adopt multi-platform Microsoft O365

Migrate from Office 2013 and 2016 to O365, simplify licensing and adopt automatic servicing and deployments.  Free users to work from anywhere

Migrate existing device management

Consolidate and migrate instances of Microsoft SCCM to unify on-premise device management.  Adopt Azure and Intune connectors to move workloads to the cloud.  Administer and support users at any location.

Video in action

Modern deployment in action

Why Nomadic?

Reduce Admin Footprint

What does a new device mean to you?  Updating device drivers, popping them in a ‘Gold’ Build and a USB key?

Times are changing and smart organisations are collapsing the admin to build and deliver devices.  AutoPilot from Microsoft now allows no-touch delivery from the factory to the user, layering AAD-Join, apps and settings into the Out-of-Box-Experience.  Without user interruption.

Nomadic has deployed thousands of devices using Autopilot and other familiar technologies including SCCM and Intune MDM.  Talk to us about how to remove admin footprint, costs and to wow users with no-interruption deployments.

We work with

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